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Why Are You Here?

If you have navigated to this page, then you most likely need website design and/or website building or website redesign. This may be the thousandth company you’ve looked at, or it may be the first. You will discover that shopping for the right people to design and launch your website can be daunting. Your business is your lifeline, and the first impression for customers finding you on the web is a big deal that we take very seriously. This page will try to offer some guidance, tips, & a white paper document for simplifying the website design and building process.

Most entrepreneurs or managers know how to run their business, and realize having a website is necessary in this information age. But very few have a full understanding of what works well on a website, and how to convert users into paying customers.

If a website design provides a strong UI (user interface), and tempting calls to action, then you can control the eye of the user, therefore encouraging them to see what you want them to see, or click where you want them to click.

Many people who need a website, have preconceived notions about how it should look. They base this vision on existing websites they have seen in their industry. We have found that about 90% of websites out there are inadequate, confusing, or just plain ugly. Most of the time, these companies assigned the website design and coding to a friend or acquaintance, and it shows!

When seeking out a professional website design firm, find a company that you feel you can trust. Look at their previous work, and that will tell you a lot. The website design agency you choose will most likely give you advice that is way different from your initial vision. You must put your trust in the professionals that build websites every day. Just like you would listen to a medical doctor’s advice, instead of an acquaintance, Web design companies will give you their best, professional advice. If your website is stellar, it makes their firm look great too!

The experts at PING take pride in taking the time to learn the requirements, dynamics and demographics of each client’s business, so we can design a website specifically geared for the future users and potential customers.