Redesign existing website

Why would I need to redesign my website?

If you own a business that has been around for a while, chances are, that you already have a web site. Have you been looking at your site lately, and thinking something like, “This website just doesn’t have the look I want to represent my business TODAY.” Your business grows & goes through changes, so it makes sense that your website should grow and change with it. Otherwise, it is not an accurate representation of what you have to offer.

Web technology advances by leaps and bounds in very short periods of time. The options and possibilities for website design and structure are constantly changing. Why not take advantage of these new marketing tools to increase your ROI?

If the sign on your store front was broken, faded, or not legible, would you just leave it like that for years?

Having a sign like this would give your business a bad first impression, just like an outdated website would. Internet users can tell if a website is out of date. With that being said, websites should be redesigned at least every few years.

When potential customers go to a website in search of a product or service, and find an outdated or confusing website, they interpret this carelessness as how the business might treat them as consumers. . It has been proven that when a customer visits a website, there are only a few precious seconds to grab the ever-shortening attention spans of voracious internet consumers. Users out there have come to expect a certain level of wow-factor to keep them engaged.

We strive to create that wow-factor in the experience of our web designs.

Need a website redesign?

What would this sign say to your customers about your business. Not updating your website is the same thing.

So what sets PING apart from the other billion web development companies out there?

  • Our goal is to offer a personable experience
  • We like face to face meetings
  • We are readily available
  • We look at the big picture of your business and use that to build your solution
  • We really do care, and want to see you succeed