Integrating SEO & SEM efforts with Social Media

As we work with more and more clients, we have learned that they have been approached by many companies who specialize in SEO (search engine marketing), or Social Media specialists. To our surprise, we found that the offerings were either for SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) OR social media campaigns.
None of the companies thus far, have offered to integrate these facets of internet marketing!

At PING, we believe the integration of social media, SEO, and SEM efforts, are key factors to running successful campaigns.

How many times have you dealt with a huge corporation? You ask your question, or tell your story to the first representative, only to be passed off to another. When you call back the next time, no one is familiar with what you said the first time you called. Totally frustrating, and a waste of time and money.

To best fuel your campaign, there should be constant communication between the SEO team and the Social Media Team.

While back links on facebook may not give your site the best “link juice”, it should coincide with the SEO efforts being made.

Newsletters, email blasts, and the corresponding posts will create awareness. This awareness creates buzz and more successful searches. Back links and key phrases should be coordinated to work with the verbiage used in social media posts, and reviews.

This is why it just does not make sense to use separate companies to work on your SEO and Social Media. Although, they could communicate effectively, realistically, they more than likely will not.

So unify all of your campaigns and watch your traffic sky rocket!

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