SEO – Buying Traffic

We have heard this story many times, where a well meaning business owner wants more website traffic and buys in to “buying traffic”. While this might seem like a good idea, but there is a major difference between traffic and actual consumers. This deviation is vast, as the traffic that these black-hatters (see black hat definition) provide is artificially generated. They use a program that repeatedly requests to load multiple website pages. They use a set of proxies that will make the requests look like they are coming from all over the globe. robot crawling spiderThis lulls many webmasters into a false sense of accomplishment as they think that the site is doing well.

What does this do you ask? All it does is artificially inflate any analytics that you might have running. It distorts the baseline so that you can not distinguish this robot generated traffic from actual consumers. What good is it to have a bot load the page? They are not going to buy your services, nor promote your brand or products, nor give them food for thought on your verbiage or blog.

Instead of wasting your money on this scheme, your would be better off spending the money on a professional agency that practices white-hat SEO. Thereby you would actually get customers/consumers to your site. After all that is the goal of every business owner is to sell their product and/or service.

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