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any times, small to medium sized business owners try to take on too much responsibility in order to save money. In this economy, cutting corners is a necessity. Opening or running a business is extremely expensive, and many businesses, (especailly start ups), are operating at cost or even at a loss.

The catch 22 is this. Advertising is the lifeline for any business to customers and clients. If they don’t advertise properly, they do not generate business. But if there are no customers, there is no money for advertising, print design, website design & implementation, intense SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing), or social media, such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, and the like.

Good SEO takes time and effort

When it comes to creating the company website, mastering SEO techniques, managing social media efforts, and overall search engine marketing, the owner will inevitably find himself lost in a sea of information. Learning proper and effective online marketing techniques is a whole science in itself. How can one open or run a business while filtering through unbelievable amounts of data, determining what is true and what is false, learning it, and then putting it all to use? If the owner or manager spends large amounts of time working on their own advertising, then they have a lot less time to run their business! How does this make sense?

Free or cheap ≠ Good

What really makes us sad, is seeing the failed advertising attempts of struggling businesses. In an attempt to cut corners, the business owner or manager will try to put together a free or cheap website. They spend countless hours with a learning curve, and put together something that is completely ineffective. Now, they are in the hole even further. Whether or not they have paid for it .. time is money, and time away from the business is counterproductive.

Ping will increase your ROI

We see this scenario all the time, & love helping our clients who were also stuck in this perpetual rut! The best thing ever is witnessing our clients feel the freedom to do what they do best, and concentrate on THEIR customers. Between our efforts, and the clients’ business running efficiently, everyone profits from a much higher ROI. Our experts have developed tried and true methods for boosting page ranking. We also make the time to continue our learning process and change along with the online marketing trends, and changes with search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc ..

SEO maximizes ROI

SEO Maximizes ROI

SEO is a marathon, not a race

Another, more sinister dimension to effective online marketing & advertising, are the inevitable scamsters. There are countless companies out there making outrageous claims from, “being associated with Google”, to building free websites, to putting your company on the first page of search engines. The general rule of thumb is, “if it sounds too good to be true, it is.” If your webmaster or SEO specialist uses unethical (black hat) methods, your company website will eventually be demoted or deranked. Some of these companies will use unacceptable techniques, and their clients will see fast results, BUT when Google catches on, they derank the website, and the SEO company is no longer available to help.

Ping utilizes only white-hat SEO

We pride ourselves in using only ethical (white hat) techniques. It is in our best interest to increase your ROI, and we make this our goal. We offer personal service, and are readily available to help with any questions or concerns.

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