New site is UP!

Earlier this week we launched our new site. I am sure everyone has heard that saying “The cobblers kids have no shoes“. Well that is the predicament we were in. We were so busy working on everyone else’s “shoes”, that we did not have time for our own. But we all buckled down and cleared our schedules to get the site complete.(and yes, the pun was intended)… Well it is almost complete. There are still a few items that we are working on. So if you see something that is incomplete, or lacking, know that we are working on wrapping them up.

A hearty thank you goes out to everyone on the PING team for the massive effort and sacrifices to get it done!!

We Changed Our Focus

Looking at our site you will notice that we have changed gears somewhat. Our old site was primarily focused on website design, with little verbiage on any of our other services. I think the cobbler adage from above was applicable here too… Now PING is focusing more on Internet Marketing. This was in response to many of our customers just thinking that they can put up a website and magically jump to the first page of the search engines. While we all know that part of the customer process is education, it just seemed that addressing this on our website should be paramount.

Yes, Website Design Is Still One Of Our Core Services.

Our web design service is still in full swing and ready to take on any challenge. We still provide everything from turn-key solutions to site/page redesigns.

Internet Marketing

Wow, what a broad category this is…. Lay-folks hear “Internet Marketing” and think “No, I do not need that!” I think these folks have visions of unending pop-ups appearing on their visitors screens or visions of the loud obnoxious late-night TV commercials screaming at you to BUY NOW!

I am sure that all you internet professionals already know how truly wrong this summary dismissal is. No, they might not need a PPC campaign, or Social Media blast… yet… But they ABSOLUTELY need both on and off-page SEO! This search engine optimization is needed to get their pages/site ranking on the search engines. After this need has been addressed, then a PPC or Social Media campaign is a perfectly viable solution.


Our branding solutions section of our website is not quite done yet. But we do offer a full line of branding solutions. From simple logos, to full branding packages.

But I digress from my intention with the blog…

So let me close with a big thank you to all our customers and staff for making us a success!

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