“…. My cousin Joe can make me a website for under $100!”

We hear this a lot. However, when we visit said, cheap website, it is painfully obvious that Uncle Joe built it, and the treasured $100 was sadly wasted. This same scenario holds true for the “build it yourself” websites we see.
If you are a seasoned business owner, you are most familiar with the old saying, “You get what you pay for.”

If you are a new entrepreneur, you may be thinking $100 for a website is a good idea.

Spend more of your funding on more important things, right?

Would you ask your Uncle Joe to give you a root canal because it would cost less money than a dentist?

Let’s address 3 problems with the cheap route scenario.

1. Designing and coding a website are two totally different skills, normally not being executed by the same person. Technical types are normally terrible designers, and vice versa. This is the reason that larger companies have a technical dept AND a design department.

2. Even if Joe does build you a website, chances are it will look unprofessional, unless he is specifically trained to design for web and user interface.

Do you want a customer’s first impression of your company to be a negative one?

Customers will think if you chose the cheap option for your own business, you will most likely choose the same for them.

3. Let’s say that Joe does create a website you like. What are the chances that he knows anything about driving traffic to it? This is a whole separate art called SEO (search engine optimization). It involves many regular hours of studying the business, competitors, and how to best utilize Google or other search engines to help customers find your site.

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We would really appreciate not seeing so many “Uncle Joe” sites out there.

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