Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing:


There was a time when companies entirely dependent upon television and print media for advertising their products but today, this option can be scoffed at. Now, with social media in full swing, it is in fact, very difficult to find one who does not use at least one tool of social media like Facebook or Twitter. The weapon that social media holds close to its chest is what we call “a personal touch” and it is this “touch” that enables it to beat its opponents of newspapers and magazines face down. We see from small beverage companies to BMW and even up to Presidential Candidates using social media tools and it is obvious that it is a very powerful phenomenon.



Social Media Crowd representation

Social Media - Getting the crowd talking about you


What is social media marketing (SMM)?

As simple as those words sound, it is the process of gaining attention via social media sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube and, personal and company blogs. It is true that in the present era, luxury is at the click of the mouse. More people are online than ever before. It is but natural that companies and profit making organizations feel the urge to reach this online population in order to turn eyes towards their products. Scott Monty, global head of social media for Ford Motors Company blogs that this is the “era of sharing”. The power of content sharing and getting word out on products, services and programs paves the way for success. Those who do not embrace this change are simply left behind.




  • 53% of employers research candidates on social networking sites before hiring.
  • 71% of companies are present on Facebook and 59% on Twitter.
  • 43% of companies now, have a company blog for marketing.
  • One in every four Americans watches a YouTube video every day.
  • Top 10% of all social network accounts for nearly 80% of all social networking traffic.
  • Women outnumber men in almost all social networks.
  • LinkedIn is used by 92% of top executives!


Listen closely

A common strategy, therefore, that many companies adopt is the “listening principle”. Simply put, companies invest on listening posts; to hear out views and reviews, understand the requirements of the consumers by paying attention to social conversations that take place world over. This enables them to devise a product as consumer friendly as possible based on pure observation. Later, there is no fear in stepping into the arena of social media as the return they are about to reach is undoubted.




Social media is now a gauge for businesses success and accountability. How do you know if you’re doing it right? It is necessary that marketers deal with the right audience and use the right tools in order to enhance their brand name.



The social media adoption survey by Dr. Nora Barnes at UMASS Dartmouth in 2010 reveals that over 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies resort to social media marketing and the number is ever increasing. It cannot be denied that companies of this modern scenario are truly blessed to embrace such a technological advancement in the field of marketing.

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