Internet Marketing

Ping {professional internet and new media group} can help promote your company & online presence, & let you (the owner or manager) concentrate on growing your business! We use all available techniques included in the ever-growing category of Internet marketing. We are located in Decatur Georgia, which is in the metro Atlanta, Ga. area.

With the onset of the information age, all businesses are finding that it is of utmost importance to promote themselves on the world wide web.

Internet marketing, is now becoming an art form! To learn all the intricacies, and to keep up to date with the ever changing cyber landscape, is a full time job. Business owners need to spend all of their time growing their business properly, and normally do not have the time to dedicate to Internet marketing. It is especially difficult considering the learning curve involved in effectively managing online campaigns.

Internet marketing includes:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • SEM (search engine marketing) also called PPC
  • SMM (social media marketing)

We here at PING, are different from our competitors because we integrate all of the different aspects of Internet marketing. A business owner who hires one company to manage their SEO, and another to handle social media, is not getting the full benefit and power that total integration & synergy would provide.

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Trash the yellow pages

Do Your Advertising Dollars End Up Here?

SEO chart showing inital low volume traffic

Before any SEO efforts

SEO results shows dramatic improvement to site traffic

Chart showing improved results after a few weeks

We pride ourselves in only using ethical (white hat) methods, truly caring about every client, and giving each business the personal attention required to provide the best customer experience possible.
Beware! We have received and heard about many solicitor’s calls from competitors who are claiming …

  • They are more effective because they have a “special” relationship with google. Untrue. There are no “special” relationships with Google.
  • Google places is giving away free websites. FALSE. Google is not providing the websites they are provided by some other company who want you to think they are Google. There are no free websites anywhere. There will be a catch. They will use a template on hundreds/thousands of sites and hit you with many upcharges. Who would want to use a company that tries to trick you during your first interaction anyway?
  • They can link your site to hundreds of landing pages, and/or give you thousands of backlinks. UNETHICAL. Your site will get delisted from Google.
  • Be wary of the solicitations that promise a free website that will be top ranking in your category. FALSE. Again, Websites are never free. There will be a catch later, and lots of charges that will end up costing you more in the long run.
  • Relatives and friends that promise they can deliver a website will probably cost you more business than it’s worth. TRUE. A terrible, or non comprehensive website is viewed by the public as “scammy” and unprofessional.