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It’s true. If you own or operate a business, and are putting most of your advertising dollars in traditional marketing, you are missing the boat. The majority of consumers these days, find services or products they are looking for exclusively with online searches.

A billboard in a wasteland

Internet marketing without SEO and inbound lead generation is like having a billboard in the desert

It has been proven that if a company’s website does not show up on the first page on search engines like Google, it is almost like the business is invisible. You may as well be paying for a billboard in the desert, and 100 miles from the nearest road!

It’s all about the Return On Investment!

If you’re shopping for a company to help you get noticed on the web, our ebook will give you a great start to understanding how it all works. The professionals at PING can provide all of these services for you, to give you more time to do what you do best, and grow your business!

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