Five Simple Steps for Better Search Engine Rankings

Keep it active

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Remember the Field of Dreams. “Build it and they will come”…

Some say that most of the world’s activities happen in the virtual world. In other words, the internet is a more dynamic medium and therefore, websites precede speeches, papers and lectures. There is a website for almost everything, and this obviously leads to competition. Every site competes with one another to increase their own rankings, capture leads and land customers.

One of the most important aspects to ensure your site reaches its potential is to keep your site engaging and active.

Gone are the days of “Build it, and they will come!” There is even more incentive to keep your website dynamic as all the major search engines keep tabs on sites activity to ensure that the more active sites rank higher in their search results.

There is a lot involved in making a website successful. Here are a few tips to keep you competitive.

Lost in the Maze

Sites which have simple navigation and good content have proven to be more engaging compared to ones that have complex designs and are found to be difficult to browse. People, when online, want to get their work done fast, and it is easier for them to maneuver through a site which is quick and simplistic.

  • Keep in mind that your site does not have complex phrases or terminology (at least the keywords). Straight forward content is what appeals to the widest audience.
  • Let the colors contrast but ensure that the text is placed with such color backgrounds that enable the readers to actually read the content without having to pick up their glasses.
  • Ensure that all the important stuff (chief content, main navigation) right at the top of your page as visitors don’t want to hunt for the navigation.
  • Finally, strive for quick load times. People do not wait around while a site takes its own sweet time to load. Removing images from your background and reducing the use of rich media ads could really help. Lightning quick action is needed.


The KISS Principal1

Yes, people do not like it when they are not offered choices in a site. However, they do not like it even more when there are too many choices either. When you offer choices to a customer, ensure that the ideal number of choices is placed or else your potential customers would just flee.

According to Dr. Susan Weinschenk from Human Factors International “What we know is people will tell they want lots of choices…but f you give them too many choices, they will freeze and not make a decision at all”


Science says that people’s attention increases when content is presented in a video format over mere words. Remember those E-trade “baby” commercials? They really catch one’s attention. Why? Because they are short, funny and gets across to almost anyone. That is what we need in a website. To stop the reader for maybe just ten seconds with a video and the magic completes. Make your own videos of your products and launch them on your site. It truly catches the eye and your viewers attention.


Readers love articles that are funny, positive and informative. Keep in mind, though that long articles tire the readers out. Therefore, it is important to space content and images (or videos) so that there is never too long a read. Also, ensure that the articles are simple in language and has that slight touch of being conversational (No one likes the sound of their English professor). All this and yet there should be enough info for the customer to consume.

These are but a few tips to spice your website up. However, there are lots more one can do to achieve better rankings. Don’t forget the internet is a dynamic place where everyone is in competition with one another.  It is up to you to strike the right balance and achieve internet success.

1 Many years ago when I was in engineering school on of my professors in all his lectures would bellow this principle repeatedly. “NEVER EVER forget the the KISS Principle! This means Keep It Simple Stupid”. To this day I still subscribe to this method!

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