Why should I hire a designer to create my logo, when I can make it myself?

Your business logo is what people will use to identify your company. It is, in many cases, their first impression, and all of us know how important that first impression is. There are many factors and criteria a logo must meet in order to quickly convey what you are trying to say.
A well designed logo will not only be creative and simple, but not predictable.

A dentist office, for example, should never use a toothbrush in their logo. By doing that, they would be lumping their business into a pile with a trillion other dentists! This says to potential customers, “my business is no better than any other dentist in my area.”, or, “I didn’t really put the time or budget into my company identity.” In other words, if this all important step was not a high priority for the business owner, why would a customer or client choose this business over its competitors?

Sometimes it is a good plan to not only have the name of the business in the logo, but use a symbol as well. This way, the business can use only the symbol instead of the whole name, in tight spaces and for certain deliverables, like packaging or napkins for a restaurant, stickers, etc. Whatever is chosen for a company mark, the following criteria should be priority.

  • The mark should be simple enough to be read easily from any distance.
  • It should relay the look and feel of the product or service.
  • It should look perfect and stand alone in black and white, with no color and no grayscale.
  • Any lines used should not be too thin. When a logo is reduced in size, they will disappear.

The design staff at PING can create a company logo with your target audience in mind. A company mark that is strong enough to work well throughout your brand.
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