The Panda Strikes Again!

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google panda update kick

Marketers hardly had time to breath before they were struck again by the Panda. This was the second update of the month which took place on June 25th. The previous update was on June 8th. Google Panda updates every month or so, it has been observed.


New site is UP!

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Earlier this week we launched our new site. I am sure everyone has heard that saying “The cobblers kids have no shoes“. Well that is the predicament we were in. We were so busy working on everyone else’s “shoes”, that we did not have time for our own. But we all buckled down and cleared our schedules to get the site complete.(and yes, the pun was intended)… Well it is almost complete. There are still a few items that we are working on. So if you see something that is incomplete, or lacking, know that we are working on wrapping them up.

A hearty thank you goes out to everyone on the PING team for the massive effort and sacrifices to get it done!!


Migrating our old site

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Well, if you ended up here, you probably see things in flux. We are in the process of migrating our website to a entirely new one. Our original website will be our portfolio site and will be located here: Our Old Site ( and will have the original theme.

Our new site will contain all the blogs and articles and might take some reorganizing in order for items to be easier to find.


So please bear with us as we transition to the new site.


Thank you


The technical Interview — It’s important to know what you’re talking about.

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I’ve been working in the technical realm for about 10 years now. I’ve been intrinsically involved in the incredible progression of computers and the network known as the internet. When I first started working in the field, excellent I.T. candidates were certainly more scarce than today. There’s a relatively new epidemic of people presenting themselves as qualified technical specialists who just really… well… (more…)

An Interface should teach you how to use it — the 10 Heuristics of Usability..

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I’ve been working quite a bit on UX / UI design lately. Most people aren’t aware of the fact that there’s a discipline of science behind developing User interfaces for digital devices. At MIT a prerequisite course in User Interface design is Computer-Human psychology. One of the main text books used there was published in 1986 and many of the concepts still hold true. (more…)

Integrating SEO & SEM efforts with Social Media

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As we work with more and more clients, we have learned that they have been approached by many companies who specialize in SEO (search engine marketing), or Social Media specialists. To our surprise, we found that the offerings were either for SEO (search engine optimization), SEM (search engine marketing) OR social media campaigns.
None of the companies thus far, have offered to integrate these facets of internet marketing!

What makes good keywords for SEO

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Keyword selection is crucial for ranking higher in the search engines!

One of the constant conversations that we have with clients is on keyword selection. This topic is way too complex to be able to summarize in a short blog post. To write an entirely encompassing article would take hundreds, if not thousands of pages and would bore most everyone to tears. What I hope to do, is just touch on some highlights of most common errors we see. (more…)

Link building-why link farms are bad

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As SEO (search engine optimzation) gains more publicity we have more and more that clients ask for back-links;. Some have even subscribed to the idea that they want to go to link farms and get thousands of back-links.  This strategy use to be the method of gaining page-rank, but this is by no means the preferred method now.   (more…)

SEO – Buying Traffic

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We have heard this story many times, where a well meaning business owner wants more website traffic and buys in to “buying traffic”. While this might seem like a good idea, but there is a major difference between traffic and actual consumers. (more…)

Thoughts on Object Oriented CSS

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If content is King then performance is Queen. In today’s world of insanely fast internet connections, the effects of spaghetti code on load times are becoming increasingly more noticeable. There are developers whose entire career is built on refactoring code for better performance. You hear about this type of work often in the realm of Javascript, PHP or Ruby but it’s often overlooked when dealing with CSS. Bloated CSS is less expensive than a bloated JavaScript function at load time. If you’re trying to write code that’s easier to maintain and helps you gain milliseconds you might want to have a look at Object Oriented CSS.  (more…)