Ping has went international

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Ping is now international.  The headquarters are now located in Hong Kong. This is an exciting change as we will now be servicing customers on a world-wide basis.

Using fail2ban to block hackers

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With the plethora of hackers out there, it is imperative that sites use many different methods to thwart hackers. There are tons of methods that hackers use to try and gain access to your website. Most all of these revolve around compromising your site to one degree or another. Most are automated attacks using software like metasploit or other similar types of unattend hacking methods. Some of their objectives are: (in no order of significance) (more…)

The simple truth about the heartbleed bug

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The simple truth about the heartbleed bug
We have heard from many people this week regarding the heartbleed bug.  Most folks are in a panic because they really do not understand what it is and how it can affect them. Some folks think that every site out there might be affected or that maybe there own business websites could be vulnerable. So let me first give you a high level overview of what the heartbleed bug is and then what you need to do about it. (more…)

Gain Better Rankings using Google+

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We have all heard the old adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, guess what?? Now you can use the same technique to get better search engine rankings and more page views. How you ask?? Simple…. With the help of Google Authorship.

What is Google Authorship??

Google Authorship is basically Google’s initiative to link an author’s information with the search results to give the user great content and information from the same author by way of rich snippets (more…)

How to manually check your rankings on the search engines

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One common mis-perception in checking rankings is that you can just go to Google, or Bing/Yahoo and search for a keyword and count your position on the rankings page (SERP 1). This is UNTRUE!  All the search engines keep track of sites that you have visited before from previous search results by means of a


Take Advantage Of FREE Brand Awareness & Advertising

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Almost every time I surf Facebook, I check out business pages that may be attached to individual’s profiles. I am constantly astounded to find that these business pages have, on the average, 5 likes, no pictures, no logo, no posts, and no activity! This is typically what shows up for small to mid sized businesses.

Yes, it looks pretty bleak.


Getting Higher Google Rankings — Where is my time best spent?

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Even within the communities of the most savvy, well-informed, SEO & Web Marketing consultants there is endless debate about which of the 200 or so factors that Google cares about for determining page rank, are of the highest priority. It will always be a debate because clients have deadlines and finite amounts of money. Couple that with the fact that Google is not exactly disclosing every nuance of their algorithms to the general public, and we have a valid reason to debate. (more…)

Five Simple Steps for Better Search Engine Rankings

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Keep it active

Atlanta SEO company, PING can help you rank better in the search engines

Remember the Field of Dreams. “Build it and they will come”…

Some say that most of the world’s activities happen in the virtual world. In other words, the internet is a more dynamic medium and therefore, websites precede speeches, papers and lectures. There is a website for almost everything, and this obviously leads to competition. Every site competes with one another to increase their own rankings, capture leads and land customers.

September Google Search Engine Update

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Google under a magnifying glassGoogle once again updated its search engine algorithm a few days ago, September 14, 2012. While this update was released with little fanfare, the SEO community immediately took notice. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Search Engine team tweeted

Just fyi, we rolled out a small algo change this week that improves the diversity of search results in terms of different domains returned.


The SEO implications of Bing and Yahoo search engines merger

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Google vs combined Yahoo / Bing


THE DEAL:                                      

July 2009 saw the coming together of two internet giants: Yahoo! And Microsoft in a bid to create a strong Number 2 search entity to compete with Google. This 10 year deal calls for Microsoft to provide back-end technology to power search on Yahoo. Yahoo! while maintaining its interface will now feature “Powered by BingTM” branding.